EnviraMet, Inc. is committed to the development of revolutionary water treatment technologies. Our advanced systems outperform competing technologies in efficiency and cost. Easily customizable media affords our clients the opportunity to tailor purification to their specific needs, while reducing total environmental footprint.

Three patent-pending product/process packages comprise our portfolio, with EnviraMetSorb, EnviraMetOil, and EnviraMetRad each focusing on unique spectra of industrial settings and water compositions.


Our proprietary EnviraMetSorb media operates in a wide pH range and can be easily adapted for selective removal of multiple species of concern including arsenic, selenium, mercury, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, lead, uranium and other radionuclides, fluorine, nitrates, cyanide, etc., as well as organic compounds including tetrachlorethylene (TCE) from industrial effluent.

Our novel EnviraMetOil system allows for the selective removal of organic compounds such as (but not limited to) petroleum, various petroleum components, and organophosphorous compounds. The method can be applied for treatment of frac water as well as various process streams with organic contaminants. EnviraMetOil can be used separately or as a preliminary or polishing step in combination with other methods.

Our EnviraMetRad technology allows for the removal of radionuclides of concern including (but not limited to) cesium, strontium, and uranium from groundwater, sea water, and radioactive process water. The efficiency is very high (>99%), and final waste produced is minimal. Our EnviraMetRad media can be easily regenerated for reuse.